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Eleanor C Merry – The Flaming Door - The cult of Hathor



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I think Eleanor is mixing up the stages of initiation, but the observation is interesting nevertheless.  Rebirth came first with its descent into a dark womblike cave, then came the sexual practices.

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Eleanor C Merry – The Flaming Door

There is some connection between the Egyptian cult of the Goddess Hathor and the initiation experiences of the Celtic Bards. The cult of Hathor had to do primarily with the development of the sexual organs at puberty.

It was known that the natural powers of clairvoyance could be prepared at that time of life so as to be developed more intensely later. The Hathor Mysteries seem to have been a kind of preliminary stage on the way of initiation for those who were going to devote themselves to the attainment of higher degrees.

Hathor was the " Queen of Heaven ", and her name means the " house of Horus ". She was represented as a cow with the Solar Disk between her horns.
Man is born, so it was said, not only of a human mother, but of the [Moon] …………from which the Spirit of man descended into the womb of the physical mother.

This sphere was the " womb " of Hathor. In the Germanic Mysteries-Herta.

The fluidity …of this realm was life-giving; it was the " milk " of the World, the " Soma " of Oriental mysticism. When the human being was born and the physical body was formed, it was known to contain this life-giving element in all the fluids of the body.
Every process of nutrition and metabolism was concerned with this inner life-giving "milk of the world”. 

Its most secret [literal] functioning is in the cerebro-spinal fluid; and this is connected (among other things) on the one hand with the sexual nature, and on the other hand with the "single eye " of seership. If a man could set his consciousness free from the attraction of the body, by initiation, he could " enter again into his mother's womb  - that is, into the womb of Hathor and be born, not in the earthly realm, but into the spiritual world, whose Beings and laws would then be revealed to him".

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