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Dr William Sargant – The Sex Magick and drug based practises of Aleister Crowley 02



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Inter composer communication

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The Mind Possessed  - Dr William Sargant

The details of producing sexual trance states are fully detailed in Crowley’s writings, both men and women may be involved:

Aleister Crowley description in miscellaneous writings

The candidate is made ready for the ordeal by general athletic training and by fasting. On the appointed day he is attended by one or more experienced attendants whose duty it is to exhaust him sexually by every known means. The candidate will sink into a sleep of utter exhaustion but he must be again sexually stimulated and then allowed to fall asleep. This alternation is to continue indefinitely until the candidate is in a state which is neither sleep nor waking, and in which his spirit is set free by perfect exhaustion of the body . . ..

In view of the physiological effects of operations of this sort, it is not unduly surprising that by means of them Crowley obtained apparent visions and communications from gods and spirits. In 1914, in Paris, he carried out a series of important experiments or 'working' with the poet Victor Neuburg, using homosexual acts, and putting Neuburg repeatedly into states of trance and possession……..

Ether and other drugs were used in these ceremonies, by both participants where helpful. Hashish was also extensively tested, and Crowley wrote an interesting early account of its ‘mystical’ use. By 1922 he had become severely addicted to heroin, and made repeated attempts to master it, but without success. His diary now deteriorated, and he started to write more and more meaningless nonsense. His sexual workings became more bizarre.

One of the initiates, Raoul Loveday, suddenly died and there was a public scandal. The Abbey of Thelema was hurriedly closed. Crowley himself died in 1947, almost forgotten, and a registered and confirmed addict to heroin

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Crowley, Aleister

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