Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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The Book of Taliesin - Buarch Beird - Llyfr Taliesin III



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Buarch Beird
Llyfr Taliesin III

Edympeilli oet ympwyllat.
Y veird brython prydest ofer.
Ymryorsseu ymryorsed.
Digawn gofal y gofangord.
Wyf eissygpren kyfyg ar gerd.
Buarth beird ar nys gwypo.
Pymtheg mil drostaw
Yny gymhwyssaw.
Wyf kerdolyat. wyf keinyat claer.
Wyf dur wyf suw.
wyf sarff wyf serch yd ymgestaf.
Nyt wyf vard syn yn aryfreidaw.
Pan gan keinyeit canu ygkof.
Nyt ef wnawfut wy ryfed vchon.
Handit ami eu herbyniaw.
Mal aruoll dillat heb law.
Val ymsawd yn llyn heb naw.
Tyrui aches ehofyn ygrad
Uchel ygwaed mordwyt trefyd.
Creic am wanec. wrth vawr trefnat.
An clut yscrut escar nodyat.
Creic pen perchen pen anygnat.
Yn gwna medut meddawt medyd.
Wyf kell wyf dell wyf datweirllet.
Wyf logell kerd wyf lle ynnyet.
Karaf y gorwyd a goreil clyt.
A bard a bryt ny pryn yret.
Nyt ef caraf amryssonyat.
A geibyl keluyd ny meued med.
Madws mynet yr ymdiot
A cheluydeit am geluydyt.
Achamclwm kystwm kywlat.
Bugeil brooed porthoed neirthyaf.
Mal ymdeith heb troet y gat.
Eri vynnei ymdeith heb troet.
Eri vagi kneuha heb goet.
Mal keissaw bydueid yg gruc.
Mal peireint aureith ynuut.
Mal gosgord lluyd heb pen.
Mal porthi anclut ar ken.
Mal grynniaw tyndei o vro.
Mal haedu awyr a bach.
Mal eirach a gwaet yscall.
Mal gwneuthur goleu y dall
Mal docni dillat ynoeth.
Mal tannu engwyn ar traeth.
Mal prothi pyscawt ar laeth.
Mal toineuad a deil.
Mal lladu llyry a gwyil.
Mal todi dyfet rac geir.
Wyf bard neuad. wyf kyw kadeir.
Digonaf y veird llafar llesteir.
Kyn vy argywrein ym garw gyfloc.
Ryprynhom ni an llocyth tydi vab meir.


The Fold of the Bards
Book of Taliesin

MEDITATING were my thoughts
On the vain poetry of the bards of Brython.
Making the best of themselves in the chief convention.
Enough, the care of the smith’s sledge-hammer.
I am in want of a stick, straitened in song,
The fold of the bards, who knows it not?
Fifteen thousand over it
Adjusting it
I am a harmonious one; I am a clear singer.
I am steel; I am a druid.
I am an artificer; I am a scientific one.
I am a serpent; I am love; I will indulge in feasting.
I am not a confused bard drivelling,
When songsters sing a song by memory,
They will not make wonderful cries;
May I be receiving them.
Like receiving clothes without a hand,
Like sinking in a lake without swimming
The stream boldly rises tumultuously in degree.
High in the blood of sea-board towns.
The rock wave-surrounded, by great arrangement,
Will convey for us a defence, a protection from the enemy.
The rock of the chief proprietor, the head of tranquillity.
The intoxication of meads will cause us to speak.
I am a cell, I am a cleft, I am a restoration,
I am the depository of song; I am a literary man;
I love the high trees, that afford a protection above,
And a bard that composes, without earning anger;
I love not him that causes contention;
He that speaks ill of the skilful shall not possess mead.
It is a fit time to go to the drinking,
With the skilful men, about art,
And a hundred knots, the custom of the country,
The shepherd of the districts, support of gates,
Like going without a foot to battle.
He would not journey without a foot.
He would not breed nuts without trees,
Like seeking for ants in the heath.
Like an instrument of foolish spoil,
Like the retinue of an army without a head,
Like feeding the unsheltered on lichen.
Like ridging furrows from the country
Like reaching the sky with a hook,
Like deprecating with the blood of thistles,
Like making light for the blind,
Like sharing clothes to the naked,
Like spreading buttermilk on the sands,
Like feeding fish upon milk,
Like roofing a hail with leaves,
Like killing a tortoise with rods.
Like dissolving riches before a word.
I am a bard of the hail, I am a chick of the chair.
I will cause to loquacious bards a hindrance.
Before I am dragged to my harsh reward,
May we buy thee, that wilt protect us, thou son of Mary.



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