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Krishna, Gopi - kundalini - need to know



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Gopi Krishna – Kundalini the evolutionary energy in man

Whether the transformative process is set in motion by voluntary effort or is spontaneous, purity of thought and disciplined behaviour are essential to minimise resistance to the cleansing and remodelling action of the mighty power on the organism..................

I did not know then what I came to grasp later on – that an automatic mechanism, forced by the practise of meditation, had suddenly started to function with the object of reshaping my mind to make it fit for the expression of a more heightened and extended consciousness, by means of biological processes as natural and as governed by inviolable laws as the evolution of species or the development and birth of a child.

But to my great misfortune I did not know this at the time.  To the best of my knowledge, this mighty secret of nature is not known on earth today, although there is ample evidence to show that certain methods to deal with the condition, when brought about suddenly by the practise of Hatha Yoga, were fully known to the ancient adepts...............

But ages of incorrect living in obedience to the dictates of civilisation have played havoc with this most intricate machine, marring the growth of the organs and the efficiency of the nerves and loading the system with nervous poisons too subtle to be eliminated by the administration of drugs or other therapeutic agents.

This is the main reason why the present day human organism, instead of expediting the process, offers a strong resistance to its investiture with a more potent form of vitality, an essential preliminary to the installation of a higher personality.

By no means known to science can this cleaning and remodelling of the body be done to make it fit for the transfer of power.  All systems of yoga aim at achieving this by overcoming these deficiencies.  Kundalini is the mechanism as well as the motive force by which this biological trimming and remodelling is accomplished in the most effective manner, provided the system is not too much deteriorated either by its own defective mode of life or because of retrogressive heredity.

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Krishna, Gopi

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