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Copan - Mayan - Stela A



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This stelae provides us with at least some evidence that sexual stimulation techniques were also used here and were considered of great importance, as this figure is in the main plaza.

The figure has a complex headdress of stiffly plaited 'strips', surmounted by a death's head - which symbolically means he probably achieved annihilation - so he is technically speaking a living human 'god'.

Enormous plugs are let into the ears.

The god wears a short kilt hung with tubukar beads and tassels, and a long narrow band which serves as an apron and reaches to the feet.  You will need to look at the concepts section to understand the symbolism of these.

There are 52 carved glyphs on the stela on the back and sides giving the date as AD 731.  There is a vault below the stela.

The nose has eroded, but one striking feature is the lovely expressive almond shaped eyes and what the guide books call 'mobile chin' [I am unsure what they mean but I have put it in anyway].  Mayans do not have almond shaped eyes, they have lovely brown round eyes, large soft but round.  This person did not come from this area.  He could have flown here of course .................... after all they knew about how to achieve sexual transformationof energy in both Tibet and in the Inuit areas - so maybe he was a visiting priest .......... out of body or in body.

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