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Arifi of Herat - The Ball and the Polo Stick - From every side other riders



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The Ball and the Polo Stick – Book of Ecstasy by Arifi of Herat

From every side other riders, other rose faced jasmine cheeked youths
Galloping Arab steeds became engaged in ball play
In the silver like hand of each youth was a mallet of pure gold
One rubbing his head like a cypress on the sky another bending like the branch of a rose
One turning his face to the ball, meaning to strike and carry away the ball
One taking the ball from in front of the other, the other playing a different game with him
Every ball that the one carried aside the other took it to the goal
At every stroke and swing of the ball I saw two mallets from either side
Like hooks mingled together, crook within crook like tresses of hair
The polo sticks became possessed, mad from the hand of each rider
Inflamed by each sun faced one the ball in an ecstasy cried out ‘Hi!’

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Herat, Arifi of

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