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The Rig Veda

Clarifying soma, when you are sated with waters your juice runs through the sieve made of wool. Polished by the poets, soma who brings supreme ecstasy, be sweet for Indra to drink.....

The stones are swift horses; their bridle with ten thongs fits them comfortably. They have tasted the filtered juice of the first pressing of the soma juice milked from the stalk.

These soma eaters kiss Indra's pair of bays. As they milk the stalk they sit upon the ox. When Indra has drunk the honey they have milked he grows great and acts like a bull

Your stalk is a bull; surely you will not be harmed. You are always overflowing with nourishment, sated with food. You are lovely in your splendour like the daughter of a rich man at whose sacrifice your stones rejoice.............

The wave of honey arose out of the ocean; mingling with the stalk, it became the elixir of immortality, that is the secret name of butter; 'tongue of the gods', 'navel of immortality'...

These streams of butter flow from the ocean of the heart, enclosed by a hundred fences so that the enemy cannot see them. I gaze upon them; the golden reed is in their midst

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