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Eleusinian Mysteries - Thesmophoria - 04



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Step Two – the Confinement continued

In reality, even though this says not to have alcohol, a false pregnancy is much like a real pregnancy in that you do not feel like alcohol.  Furthermore you have a craving for odd foods and prefer very straightforward food – fresh vegetables, small amounts of meat, not much spicy stuff, nothing complex, fresh fruit, as much raw as possible.  Lots of milk and cheese.

The mint helps with the acid reflux.  Meal is porridge, it is plain and a source of easily digested carbohydrate

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Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Then Metaneira filled a cup with sweet wine and offered it to her; but she refused it, for she said it was not lawful for her to drink red wine, but bade them mix meal and water with soft mint and give her to drink. And Metaneira mixed the draught and gave it to the goddess as she bade. So the great queen Deo received it to observe the sacrament

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Eleusinian Mysteries

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False pregnancy

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