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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Dixon, Jeane - A vision of the snake



Type of Spiritual Experience


Jeane had a few very very intense visions, which, from their content, I believe to be genuine and extremely important from this site's point of view.

The first of these seemingly momentous visions occurred shortly after midnight on July 14th, 1952.  Washington is humid in midsummer, and Jeane had only a sheet across her body as she lay in bed. She was drowsy but not asleep and it was very late.  So the principle activity is actually relaxation.

I have listed the symbols she saw in the vision.  The meaning may or may not be the same as the generic symbol I have tried to put together.  Snakes to a Catholic can mean evil and sexual temptation, so to her there might have been something completely different going on, but if the generic symbolism was in place they were trying to get her to learn - to use her skills more productively - to advance on the spiritual path. 

They failed, which is tragic.

A description of the experience

Ruth Montgomery – A Gift of Prophecy

Suddenly I could feel a physical motion against the mattress, to the left of my head.  I rolled onto my left side, facing the east, and as I did so I saw the body of a snake. It was no bigger around than a garden hose, and I could see neither its head nor its tail. I felt its powerful little body twisting down the side of my bed and raising the corner of the mattress at the foot. Then, though I seemed cloaked in a substance as soft as eiderdown, I could feel its head nudging beneath my ankles, and its body growing larger as it wrapped itself around my legs and hips.

I was not frightened. I knew instinctively that I was to be shown how little I understood ........ As the snake gradually entwined itself around my chest I could see its head but not its eyes. They were gazing toward the east, rather than at me. By this time the snake was as big around as a man's arm.

While I watched, it slowly turned its eyes and gazed into mine. In them was the all-knowing wisdom of the ages. Although the room had been in almost total darkness, it was now bathed in brilliant light. The snake, vividly colored in yellow and black, had great jowls shaped like miniature pyramids. It did not speak,  but I seemed to know that it was telling me that I had much, much to learn.

It turned its head, looking again to the east and then at me, as if to say that I too must look to the east for …wisdom and guidance. I sensed that it was telling me that if my faith was great enough I could penetrate some of this divine wisdom. ……… the steady gaze of the reptile was permeated with love, goodness, strength, and knowledge. A sense of 'peace on earth, good will toward men' coursed through my being. I had a feeling of suspension and yet of tremendous stability.

A purplish ray led from the bed to the window at the east, and as I watched, the snake gradually withdrew toward my feet. As silently as it came it left the bed and vanished to the right. ……….. The brilliant illumination faded and it was dark again in the room. I looked at the radium dial on my bedside clock. The time was 3:14 A.M."

The source of the experience

Dixon, Jeane

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