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Copan - Mayan - Stela H



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Stela H is now believed to be a representation of Uaxaclajuun Ub'aah K'awiil, also known by the appellation "18-Rabbit" or "Eighteen Rabbit".  He was the 13th ajaw or ruler of Copán from January 2, 695, to May 3, 738.

This stela has also caused an enormous amount of controversy amongst archaeologists and 'Mayan scholars'.  Yet again we have an oriental looking figure and furthermore this figure appears to be a woman!  To quote from a guide book

"the appearance of a chubby female wearing a jaguar skin to her ankles and covered by a trellis like skirt, probably made of tubular jade beads.  She wears an enormous headdres and the figure is very freely carved, part of the figure being almost round and with an abundance of quetzal plumes fanning from the headdress.  Dow her sides, serpents inter-twine around figures of youths looking out from medallions in the monster's coils.  The back of the stela too has a framework of feathers, buttons and tassels presided over by an image of the Snake Bird.  The stela is dated AD 730."

Except 'she' also has an apron and the High Priestesses did not wear aprons in the Mysteries, only the male adepts did.

This is androgyny.

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