Spiritual concepts


The Levels and layers are divided up into a massive number of cones of Spirit.  Another way of looking at this may be to think of them as shards of Spirit or Pyramids of programmed Energy.  Each cone belongs to a physical thing, so you me, a tree , a plant a dog, a flower and so on, each thing has its own cone of energy.  Part of the cone is perceptible – in effect we can perceive it with our 5 senses.  But a large part of it is not perceptible because it is of a higher level of vibrational Energy.

Below we see the vibrational Energy levels  again – the Levels and Layers.

This is our package of software at all its vibrational levels.  It contains all the functions we need to operate and is a copy of the master software found in the Created.

This is sometimes called the ‘soul cone’.  Although as a term, it is not quite precise given that the cone contains both our Soul and our Higher spirit.

The Higher spirit is usually found in the Aether level – at the top of the cone of energy.

Additional detail about how the functions are organised can be found in Cones and functions


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