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Lethbridge, T C - ESP Beyond Time and Distance - On cones and the energy fields



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ESP Beyond Time and Distance – T C Lethbridge

In my ignorance I assumed that the field would surround the object like a skin and be spherical. I imagined a kind of cherry with a stone inside. But very little investigation with the pendulum showed that this idea was quite wrong.

As we worked out a circle on the ground to find a buried object, so we can put a given object on the floor, approach it from several directions with the pendulum swinging and plot the points at which it gyrates. This is the edge of the object's field. It may not be a circle of quite the same size for each operator, for the point of contact may depend on the strength of the dowser's psyche-field. But one thing is constant and appears to be a law. The rate, that is the actual length of cord on the pendulum, necessary to tune in to the object, will always be the same as the radius of the field of force in the horizontal plane around that object.

Now, if the field of force were a sphere, one would have only to repeat the process downwards until you reached the edge of it. But you cannot do this.

The field extends upwards, as one can easily test, through the floor of the room above and on up to the ceiling of that room. If you measure and draw it, you appear to be dealing with a very tall cone on a very small base.

If you reverse the process and test for the field downstairs with the object up above, you find that there is a second cone of the same size going downwards through the floor. The object is, as I think I have said somewhere before, for all the world like a fly squashed between two ice-cream cornets, mouth to mouth.

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Lethbridge, Thomas Charles

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