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Doris Green - The Takai of Ghana



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When the Takai is performed for western consumption it is organised as entertainment, but the true Takai dance performed well away from western eyes, is one of spiritual experience.

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Doris Green – Traditional Dance in Africa

From African Dance – edited by Kariamu Weish Asante

In the dance ‘Takai’ of Ghana, the dancers carry an iron rod, wear leather boots and a betekele ensemble – flowing robe and trousers with the elongated seat.  As the dancer pivots, the robe and pants flow, creating a design in space similar to an umbrella that is opened and then twirled.  The dance is percussively pulsated by the stamping of the feet and the striking together of iron rods.  Without the attire and iron rods, the dance would lose its flowing dynamic quality and percussive intonations…. The Takai dance is a group dance performed in circles and not a dance of individual competition

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African tribal

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