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The humming bees of Dr Valerie Solheim



Type of Spiritual Experience


This may have well been ecstasy where Valerie met her Higher spirit.

This is an extraordinary experience as it is not dissimilar to a near death, but without the near death!  Very special.

A description of the experience

I was about three years old.  On Sundays I would take a raw egg and walk out on the flagstone walk to a special stone.  I dropped the egg.  I knew I was feeding God.  I knew He liked it because it was always gone when I returned. I didn’t know dogs like raw eggs, too.

[But more recently I obtained], a real and profound spiritual experience and it was a gift from the honeybees. 

The intended audience for the experience the bees were to give me was writing, The Beehive Effect:  Ancient Rites - Quantum Principles, and was the beekeeper.  Although the CDs I'd recorded inside the hives were acting on others and me in powerful ways, I did not want to include that information in the book because I was concerned that beekeepers wouldn't read the main message I  wanted them to receive. 

To 'scientifically' substantiate the effect of the bee frequencies on the brain, I had quantitative electroencephalograms (QEEG) recorded on the brains of 3 people while listening to different HealingBees CDs.  First a 10-minute baseline QEEG data was recorded.  Then a 10-minute QEEG recording was made while the person was listening to one of the CDs.

I was one of the brains used in this project.  The INSTANT I heard the Spring HealingBees CD the bees took over.  The moment I put the headphones on, I saw and experienced the bees directly
in front of my eyes
buzzing around
with the sound
of the recording.
The following is
a narrative of the
visionary experience:

I became immediately aware of three distinct channels: a central corridor and two peripheral corridors. In the central corridor I was directly in the channel of the essential bee current. It was absolutely smooth, no pinging or silence, no differentiation of sound other than bee essence. From the two peripheral corridors—one was distinctly left and the other right—I could hear, as if at a distance, the bees as pinging around as you hear them in the CD. However, the sounds never merged or interfered with the other corridors.

I saw the bees in great detail and color and heard them buzzing directly
in front of my eyes. I was seeing/experiencing two distinct dimensions. In the first I saw the bees, wherein I felt I was present with them. It was as if I was in the hive with the bees. Maybe I was a bee. It was not in a dark hive but one full of light. In the second, beyond the bees, as if I was looking out of a window, I saw a flow of crystalline gold white light surrounding but also emanating from a feminine figure. She was extraordinary in light and graceful slow movement not leaving the center of my observation field. [I am thinking that she was in a meadow surrounded with pine trees.]

I said, “That’s me.” (The feminine image as an extension of myself) and
I heard, “No it isn’t.” I knew I wanted to join her. I wanted to push the bees around me aside. I heard, “They are your attendants.” I had to exert quite a force of intense focus to join her. I saw and experienced myself as a smaller version and with incredible energy. I was twirling and spinning up and around. I was a light of swirling cone-like energy with a human-like body.

I too was bathed in white light but not like she was. I said, “I want to slow down now.” And I heard, “Not here.” I understood that to mean I was in space where there wasn’t an ‘I.’ I was not a controlling agent. [Later I wondered if the energy I was experiencing as me was that of a bee.]

This visionary experience lasted a while but to keep it clear I had to focus with great intent. At some point the feminine figure disappeared. Then to the left of me the field became black and a force was trying to wash over me. At one point, a black hat was being pushed onto my head. I said, “No, this is not me!” I kept saying that, but the force was very strong and at times it partially blackened my light. I was not afraid or angry. It felt simply like I had to keep pushing against it to hold it back or it would overwhelm me, blot me out.

Eventually, I realized that I couldn’t change the situation. I didn’t have the strength to keep the black away. I felt myself relax. A white-light horse appeared. I merged on to its back and we flew out of that field upward into the light.

The image on the left is the baseline graphing of my brain. The image in the center is the graph of Coherence taken during the above spiritual experience. Note the difference in the two graphs. I used to weep when I told this story because I realized that Bee Spirit wanted their spiritual healing gifts to be broadcasted.

That Spirit had synchronized the QEEG recordings with the moment of my spiritual flight amazes me. I refused to put these experiences in my book because I wanted beekeepers to read it and trust my information. So Spirit arranged for my spiritual experience to be scientifically documented. I had to re-write my book. 

What did it give me? I can’t grasp the whole of what it gave me. I knew that I was being asked to let others know about the gifts of the bees. It is more important for them to let others know about their healing spiritual gifts than it is for beekeepers to know about frequency fields. This whole journey is about TRUST to be guided. No point in questioning where you are beeing led.

All roads lead to HEAVEN. See you there.

The source of the experience

Solheim, Dr Valerie

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