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Pine tree

The Pine tree takes on the symbolism of all trees.  It was also yet another tree that was used in some cultures to symbolically represent the Tree of life.

Some Pine trees are also able to live for hundreds of years, as such symbolically they are perfect for the Tree of life.  And of course they are cone shaped.   The Pine tree is also an evergreen tree.  A tree that does not lose its leaves, is again symbolically perfect for a Tree of life - not only does it not die, but it always has leaves. 

A Dictionary of Symbols – J E Cirlot
Like other evergreen trees, the pine is a symbol of immortality.  Conifers, by virtue of their shape, also partake of the symbolism .

The most well known Roman festival in honour of the Anatolian deities of the Great Mother and Father were celebrated in Spring during March and began to appear round about the 1st century AD.  At mid March [22nd] tree bearers DENOROPHORI carried into the sanctuary a pine tree [symbolising the tree of life], that was freshly cut and decorated with ornaments such as purple flowers or ribbons.

See leaf.  See also  Christmas tree.


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