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Lethbridge, T C - ESP Beyond Time and Distance – On cones and circles and the Egg



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ESP Beyond Time and Distance – T C Lethbridge

The pendulum does indeed seem to tell us something, although I have done far too little work with it to have more than a glimmering of what it may mean.

- If you take a cone and cut it into sections, as if you were chopping up a German sausage, the ends of each section will be circles and, if you do not get the cuts quite parallel to the base of the cone, they will be ellipses. The way in which I found that the fields around objects were biconical was to put an object on the ground floor and measure its basal circle. Then I went up a known height on to the floor above and measured the circle again. It was smaller than the one on the ground floor.

From this you have enough information to draw out a figure and when the sides of this figure are prolonged, it is seen that you are dealing with a conic shape. But, as I have said, it is probable that the apex of that cone continues upwards as a single ray.

Let us go on to the upper floor and plot the circle made on that floor by the ascending cone from an object on the ground floor.

Mark this circle with a ring of indicators. Do this again a few hours later and it is clear that the circle on the floor his moved.  If this is done several times in the course of the day, there will be that number of overlapping rings of indicators on the floor.

It is perfectly clear that the cone is not standing still in one position. The apex, or ray or whatever it is, is swinging round considerably. In the case of iron, at the height of 50 feet, the swing of the circle, or ellipse, appears to be about a foot in diameter. This is a big swing for the size of the base, which is only 5 feet + inches in diameter.

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Lethbridge, Thomas Charles

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