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Jean Noblet, Jean Dodal, Nicolas Conver - 0 the Fool



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I have put this example in to show how subtle differences appeared in the cards and that the differences were not always symbolically 'right'.

One of the most striking novelties in the Noblet deck is the depiction of the Fool… with exposed genitalia! There are also earlier depictions of the Fool with exposed "privates", and is also clear what that little dog is jumping at!

The symbolism isn't actually needed given the Fool is still holding the purse aloof from him, but presumably the card designers felt they needed to emphasise the point - the Fool's road is one of chastity.

There are more differences. The cane has a head at the top, missing on the Dodal and the Conver.  The thyrsus has been changed to a staff or rod.

On the Dodal and the Conver there is a bell placed oddly along the stick of the knapsack, on the Noblet, it is shown as actually being a part of the fool’s cap. This detail seems to have been lost in the Dodal and Conver. The Conver shows a row of bells not only along the belt, but around the collar as well, the Noblet and Dodal don’t.

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