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Mutwa, Vusamazulu Credo - Serpents



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Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa – Zulu Shaman [Dreams, Prophecies and Mysteries]

In Nigeria, in many of the countries of Western Africa, in Mozambique, Namibia, and Natal, there is a story of a great serpent that brought the Earth Mother to this world, and how that snake was shooting rainbows out of its body.  In western Africa they say that the goddess travelled through the world in the mouth of a great rainbow serpent, creating mountains and valleys and stars.  The serpent is sometimes depicted as a great Python. 


Likewise I know that for the Australian Aborigines, there is a great rainbow serpent who is often shown encircling the Earth or bringing the people special blessings, and I know also that their sangomas, who are called 'clever men', ride on the back of this serpent, or climb up on rainbow serpents to enter the heavens or the upper realms.  So in the legends of the Australian too the serpent is a very benevolent creature, and not at all to be equated with anything evil

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Mutwa, Vusamazulu Credo

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