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Blake, William - And a roof vast petrific around



Type of Spiritual Experience


He saw this, there is no doubt he saw it.

A Blake illustration for Dante's "Divine Comedy"...

A description of the experience

William Blake – from the Complete Poems

What is above is within, for everything in eternity is translucent
The circumference is within; without is formed the selfish centre
And the circumference still expands going forward to eternity


And a roof vast petrific around
On all sides he framed; like a womb;
Where thousands of rivers in veins
Of blood pour down the mountains to cool
The eternal fires beating without
From Eternals; and like a black globe
Viewed by sons of Eternity, standing
On the shore of the infinite ocean
Like a human heart struggling and beating
The vast world of Urizen appeared

The source of the experience

Blake, William

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