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Braveheart - Rivers, locks and nymphs with demons



Type of Spiritual Experience


Braveheart had been hurt a lot by other people, the demons were not of his making, he had been ‘used’ by quite a number of people  - ‘leeches’ of various sorts.

A description of the experience

I am lying on a flat rock on the river bank. The rock is very hot in the sun. There is not a cloud in the very blue sky.

I decide to slip into the river and swim. The current is, as usual, strong. I swim against it. Trees crowd onto the river from each bank. Their branches brush my back as I concentrate on swimming. After a while I can see creatures sliding down the branches onto my back. They are vile creatures and have sucker mouths. They attach themselves to me and try to suck me away.

I swim to the river bank and clamber out - hundreds of sucker-creatures attached to me. I walk on the river bank in the hot sun and one by one the creatures shrivel dry. Only one is left shielded from the hot sun because it is attached to my balls. I feel an increasing pain there. I grasp the creature but the pain just gets worse. 

I jump back into the river and concentrate on swimming hard. I raise my head and see ahead of me a line of nymphs treading water. I power up to them and all of a sudden they all plunge down into the water towards my balls. They tear the sucking creature off and then swirl around me faster and faster.

A whorl of water encompasses me and I spin in it. After a while I find myself in calm flat water. The river is wide here and I can hardly see each bank. I swim on and on breathing hard. The banks close in and I see nymphs in the water by each bank. They are singing:

"Wake from your sleep - you've hours to spend
thinking of lips - go to the bend
in the River of Tears"

I swim on looking for a bend in the river. I have no idea why I am thinking of lips - but I am. My thoughts are filled with lips!

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