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Nymphs are both a concept and a symbol - see also Nymph in the concepts section. 

Conceptually, a nymph or undine is a spirit being that is responsible for one or more of the functions of water.  Symbolically a nymph is the personification of that set of functions.

As water is found in all living things, the processes of water are apparent in all those living things. For example there may be very specific ‘plant’ functions, but interacting with those functions will be water based functions [and mineral functions too].

Rudolf Steiner – Nature Spirits

Once the plant has passed into the sphere of moist air, the plant develops what comes to outer physical form in the leaves.  Other beings are at work now in everything that goes on in the leaves – water spirits, elemental spirits of the watery element, to which an earlier intuitive clairvoyance gave among others the name of undines.


Nymphs are not the same as  mermaids or mermen or sirens

There are numerous synonyms in various languages for example, the Neck or Necke, in Danish the Nokke;  the Stromkarl; the Icelandic Nickur, Ninnir and Hnikur. In the Faeroes the Neck are called Nikar and are said to inhabit streams and lakes.

In dreams, you may see a nymph if you have drunk a large glass of water before going to bed!




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