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Morrells, Luce and an apocalyptic dream



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January 2015 - Thursday

I was on the top of a hill, not very high, but one of a line of hills that bordered a very wide river.  The scene looked like it could have been here on earth, but it was particularly beautiful, the colours were intense but softer pastel, filled with light.  The sky was clear and it seemed to be early evening as the sky did not have the bright luminosity of a midday scene.

I seemed to be with other people, though who they were I do not know, and there were a lot of them.

We were all looking to the left – upriver, resting, enjoying the beauty, at least that is how it felt to me, great beauty and great peace.

Then there appeared a very thick, purple black cloud.  It had the shape of a triangle with the point towards us and it was stunning, - swirling colours of pale blue violet and purple and black – very dense and moving towards us.  As it came closer I could hear birdsong and singing – unearthly glorious music, and calls and I realised that the cloud was surrounded by millions of birds, also triangular in shape, all the same colour as the clouds, swirling and singing.  They looked like angels of death, but their beauty was indescribable.  The centre of the cloud was thick and smoke like, but the birds seemed to be coming and going from its centre as if this was their source of power and ‘home’.

It was both stunning and terrifying and all the people stood for a while rooted to the spot gazing at this awesome bringer of death.  And then they ran.

To the right was a building – a rather drab building with numerous empty rooms and corridors, a sort of labyrinth or maze of corridors and empty glassless windows.  Derelict, nothing in it, but everyone fled to this building.  And here comes the part that was the most terrifying.

The whole sky went dark and only the corridors and rooms were lit in a sort of sandy yellow colour; each time I moved to hide from this thing, I saw another person obliterated.  There was no blood or gore, a bird came and they collapsed and vanished, over and over again.  Everywhere I ran in this maze, I saw another person ‘removed’.  Sometimes it was not the bird that effected the obliteration, it was a long slither of the cloud itself, a thick purple black rope that touched and exterminated the person.  One touch, and they were ‘removed’.  Thousands must have died in this dream, it went on and on.

But, it never got to me.  And I woke up. 

At the time of the dream, what interests me most is that I was not frightened, no emotion was attached to this at all, I simply ran from room to room watching death in action – on a massive scale.  I did not wake with a beating heart, nor was I trembling, but the power of the scene was overwhelming, it was apocalyptic, all I wanted to know was what does it mean?

Was it personal or general?

Dreams and intense visions I know to be allegorical and symbolic.  Was this my body they were showing me?  A vision of death in action as it killed – well who knows?  It didn’t kill me, and it seemed to be removing people from my life – rooms I now know have something to do with memory, maybe this was the destruction of the last memories I have, to make way for...... something!  Or maybe nothing. 

This was a vision of final destruction in a castle or vast palace that was empty – and if it was me, then it is extraordinary that I witnessed it.

If it isn’t about me, then it is truly an apocalyptic vision!!! 

A system is about to collapse........


Another thing I must not forge and that is that later that same day we had an enormous thrilling snow storm, several inches of snow in vast white flakes and a sky as purple as the bird of death.  And there were two stupendous claps of thunder overhead, just two and that was it.  No lightning either.  Strange strange times.

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Morrells, Luce

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