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Lycaeum forum - First LSD experience



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The perception is gradually becoming distorted and veering towards a true hallucination, interestingly some sensations and outputs to do with emotion are being converted into colours in the way auras can be.  He is not seeing auras, but the colours are aura like.

The colours are not changing his mood, the moods are changing the colours.  Green appears to be a negative colour for him, purple seems far more positive.

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“A transcription of my first LSD induced experience”          The night of Nov. 10, 1995 - {Subject is a male, 19 years of age, and of ‘above average intelligence  and literacy’} from  http://paranoia.lycaeum.org/stories/lsd

However, after we got outside, we noticed the intense purple sky  again, and it calmed us down.  D lay down on a bridge crossing a stream and stared at the purple sky.

We did not understand what was going on.

When we walked in front of a women's dorm, we found a purple sign that said, "Womyn's Connection: Gender Education."  It was here that we realized that colors could change our mood violently.  We then talked about how the colors were changing.

For about an hour we walked up and down a street and looked at colors and cars and things, and we noticed that colors were changing our moods.  We also began to notice that sound and time could influence the colors, which then influenced our moods. 

We then picked up the faculty member role play. What we came up with, we call the "Primitive Color Axis Theory"             We thought of color as an axis, which can have any angle in three-space, and that at certain orientations the axis would describer the color of events that we saw and experienced as we walked around. 

We then discovered that sound could affect our perception of color as well, and noticed that sounds could affect the color axis.  An example of this was the random and intense noise of C's living room, when it was intensely green.  The sound of the room made the green color more

intense, and from there we created the idea of a sound axis that affects the color axis.  In a similar way, we discussed time and realized how thinking about time intervals could change our perception of color, as well. 

For example, when we remembered how C's room had been intensely green and how green made us feel then, we became irritable and angry in the present, and began to see predominantly green colors.     From this we created the idea of a time axis, which could affect the orientation in three-space of the color axis. We sort of solidified this theory a little bit, and also remembered that we coldn't see the purple sky from the window of C's living room.  We decided to walk back to C's house.  We brought the purple sign we found, to see if bringing a little bit of purple could make the room tolerable.

When we got back to C's place, they were watching _Army of Darkness_, and the room was no longer green, it was purple.  However, it was not purple because of the purple sign we brought along.  We know this due to the fact that we tried putting the sign outside of the door.  The room remained purple.  Then we tried to explain our "Axis Theory" to C., although he did not understand.

In trying to explain the theory to him, we solidified it.  C became sort of green as he became impatient with us to explain out theories.  We tried to explain in ways he could better understand, but it only frustrated all three of us, and he became quite green, as the rest of the room remained purple.  Joel appeared {another mutual friend} and he listened intently to us trying to explain our theories, and seriously attempted to understand what we were saying on our own terms. 

That his to say, he tried to grasp what we said without asking for further explanations.  We were very, very comfortable around him, and later D and I agreed that he was by far the purple'est purple dude of the entire night.  It was in fact very strange how Purple Joel was- He had a green beer bottle, (just like the rest of them) but it was glowing purple just like the sky.

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