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Mikhailova, Nelya - The very high powered aura of Nelya



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Psychic Discoveries behind the iron Curtain -  Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

Dr. Genady Sergeyev of the A. A. Uktomskii Physiological Institute (a Leningrad military lab) mulled over the problem. Psycho-kinesis implied action of the mind at a distance. Could a detector at a distance from the medium pick up traces of this PK energy, this uncharted human potential?

ln Leningrad, Dr. Sergeyev wondered if the human force field had anything to do with PK. The mind could directly influence this cocoon of energy around our bodies. Could he find a way to measure these biological fields and the mind's impact on them at a distance around Nelya?

Sergeyev came up with a new invention, a detector that picks up "biological fields" (electrostatic and magnetic) about four yards away from the human body without any direct contact. We saw the graphs made by these detectors in a film, but we were told the construction of the detectors was "not public."

Sergeyev put his new detecting devices to work measuring Mikhailova's force field while she was resting. He found the electro-magnetic field constantly around her body is only ten times less than the 0.6 gauss of the magnetic field of the earth itself. The electromagnetic force field around Nelya is much stronger than average, says Sergeyev. The Leningrad Institute of Metrology also found this increased magnetic field around her body.

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Mikhailova, Nelya

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