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Gelder Kunz, Dora van - Diagnoses Temporal lobe epilepsy



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Breakthrough to Creativity – Dr Shafica Karagulla

Miss Jay had suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy. She had also exhibited periodic moods of violence and aggression between her seizures which had made her a dangerous person. I had been present when Dr. Wilder Penfield had performed two operations on her brain for the relief of temporal lobe epilepsy. The right temporal lobe of the brain had been removed. Full documentation on this case was in my file. The patient had improved considerably following the operation and was able to live a more
nearly normal life.

I placed Miss Jay in a comfortable chair in my office and when Diane came in for the aftemoon's work we proceeded with our observations  Diane did not know the patient's name nor did she know anything about her medical history. When Diane observed the energy field around the head she said that it seemed to be out too far on the right side. The energy field around the head area seemed to her to be "thicker" in texture on the right as compared to the left side. This thickness or opacity she described as penetrating into the brain itself in the pre-frontal region. The energy pattern was jerky and irregular.

When I asked Diane to describe the physical brain she seemed puzzled by what she saw and rather hesitantly said, "On the right side there is a bare patch with nothing in between. The energy has to jump across." I asked her to indicate the general area by pointing it out on the patient's head. She pointed out the correct area.

I asked Diane to look at the energy vortex at the top of the head. She described one of the tiny spirals of energy as drooping downward like the drooping petal of a flower instead of standing upward in what we had come to designate as the normal pattern. This indicated to Diane that the brain energy pattern showed a long-standing disturbance. As she put it, "The energy pattern in this person's brain wasn't quite right from the beginning".

Diane went on to say,  "The energy patternin the brain is erratic, instead of an orderly pattern the lines of energy crisscross in a confused jumble". She thought that the person must have "disturbances in her consciousness, and that she could become confused or unconscious.

As we continued to observe the brain of the patient and its energy pattern, Diane remarked that the left side of the brain had to work faster to compensate for the Iack on the right side. As she looked at the energy field she described the right side of the brain as showing short, jerky wave patterns and the Ieft side as showing longer - wave patterns. Diane was puzzled by the bare patch in the physical brain and I did not explain to her until we had completed our observations that part of the brain had been removed.

We moved to the throat area and I encouraged Diane to feel free to express any opinions of her own concerning what she saw. When she looked at the thyroid area she described an irregular energy pattern which was sometimes tight and constricting and rapid in movement and at other times very slow. She said, "There are times when this person tends to scream with wild and uncontrollable
force." With encouragement Diane volunteered some further information. She said that the patient was very strong willed and wished to dominate people. She felt shut-in and restricted and there was a lot of  emotional disturbance.

I have given only the highlights of the afternoon's observations. Diane was correct in her findings regarding the patient's actual physical condition.  My psychiatric findings on the patient two years previoulsy confirmed Diane's opinion on her emotional behaviour

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Gelder Kunz, Dora van

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