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Gelder Kunz, Dora van - Predicting disease



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Breakthrough to Creativity – Dr Shafica Karagulla

A friend of mine and her husband agreed tor be guinea pigs on my program for evaluating healthy people. On the first evaluation Diane described them both as being very healthy specimens. A year later the husband stopped by one day, and I suggested that Diane do a second examination. I had done this on a number of occasions so that I could compare evaluations of the same individual.

Diane was somewhat hesitant about discussing the total picture while my friend was still present. She made notes and gave me the rest of the evaluation after he had left. She explained to me that there were certain disruptions and disturbances in the energy body which had not been present a year previous. She described this condition and said to her this meant that within a year to eighteen months my friend would have a very serious physical disorder and a serious hip condition.

I had begun to realize that Diane's observations even in predicting the onset of a disease were pretty accurate.

I discussed this with the wife. Since there was nothing we could tell him from a medical point of view, we decided not to discuss it with him. I did make a point of encouraging them both to take a trip around the world which they had been planning for many years. Personally, I felt that in case Diane should be right,  they should enjoy life while he was in good health. Within eighteen months he had developed Parkinson's disease which has become progressively worse and he was hospitalized for an operation due to a serious hip condition.

Diane insisted that this was not precognition. The energy web or body showed the condition clearly many months before it became apparent in the physical body.         

As I continued to work with Diane she was able to repeatedly predict the onset of a disease or to indicate the progress of a disease by what she saw in the energy body or web. She always described this energy pattern as intimately related to the physical body at every point. The total structure of this energy body which Diane and other individuals see shows the same kind of variation as different types of physical bodies in different individuals. For example, the whole web of energy may appear to her as tightly woven or loosely woven, as coarse or fine, as dull or bright. It may extend as much as two inches beyond the physical body or less than an inch. In conditions of disease it may show a wide range of disturbances. There may be loss in the energy field, breaks in the pattern, tiny whirlpools of energy that have broken off from the normal stream, gaps in the web or a jumble of lines of force like scar tissue.

All of these things Diane relates to conditions in the physical body in consistent and accurate observation.

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Gelder Kunz, Dora van

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