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Shereston, Adam - Healing horses



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Adam Shereston - from Alignment

Holding my palm about an inch away from the horse's body I slowly moved my hand across the horse's aura to see if I could sense any changes in heat.  I had discovered that working with my hands as a receptor was particularly effective at measuring progress throughout the healing session.  To me a cold feeling on my palm meant there was still a blockage in the energy flow and that the issue had not been resolved.

Each time I sensed a cold patch within Esperance's aura, I would apply healing by simply laying my hands on or close to the problem area and allowing energy to flow through me into him.  He had quite a large area of imbalance; and I sensed that, while he was running, it would probably cause him a significant amount of pain.

It transpired that he had been suffering from a case of thrombosis, which was blocking the blood circulation to his left shoulder.  Consultations with both local and international vets had led to the conclusion that it couldn't be treated.  Even calls to Harley street specialists had taken this 2 year old no further down the road to recovery.  Mark had almost given up hope that his horse would ever race again.

I spent 5 days with Esperance, working with him for anything from 20 minutes to 3 hours at a time.  Throughout each session, I would scan and heal alternately, using the former to check for changes and therefore my progress.  By the end of the 5th session I coud no longer feel any imbalance.  I told Mark that I felt everything was now okay with his horse and that he could put him back into training.

Previously when they had been running him up the gallops his shoulder would have filled up with fluid, making it visibly swollen.  Now for the first time in months, this was no longer the case.

Back at the racecourse, he came third and needlesss to say I was pretty chuffed with the results

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Shereston, Adam

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