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Stockhausen - Mantra 1



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The music that Stockhausen composed  works via Listening to sound and music.  Stockhausen himself, however, obtained his inspiration via the same thing but with the [unwanted]  addition of  Psychological trauma

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LP DUO - Karl-Heinz Stockhausen: MANTRA 1

Karlheinz Stockhausen – Text zur Musik 1970-1977
Interview 1:  Gesprach mit hollandischem Kunstkreis 1973

Each of us is, as you know, a person with many levels – there are after all whole cultures which have differentiated them.  I have a sexual centre, three vital centres, two mental centres and a suprapersonal centre.  If I can perceive that, I have come far enough to have awoken seven different centres in myself.  And with different things I can bring each centre into vibration.  I can set my sexual centre in vibration  with a certain sort of music, but with another music I can set my suprapersonal centre in vibration.  And I will add to that; have you perhaps gone far enough yet to discover which parts of a type of music, or which pieces of music, set which of your centres especially in vibration?

There is music that goes through all the centres; hence there are moments in which you are addressed purely sensually, purely erotically.  That is pretty reckless music.  One must be very strong to be able to experience that completely.  Above all, this music must be exceptionally well balanced, fantastically composed.  If it is not, then there are overloadings, and when one hears it one is overexcited in a certain way and brought out of equilibrium

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