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Mrs Aldridge's blue aura



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The Boy who saw True

That great fat Mrs. Aldridge fainted in the prayers and it took crowds of gentlemen to take her out. I felt awful, like I always do when any body is taken ill, and had the feeling as if I'd no inside. After mamma had told papa all about poor Mrs. Aldridge, I asked mamma why her lights (aura) often went bluer when she was in church. And what do you think she said? She said to papa, " I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't something wrong with that boy's eyes."

" More likely his liver," said papa.

Why wont mamma tell me things when I ask her? I would like to know why there is a lot of yellow like buttercups round papa's head and only blue round mother's, though sometimes when she hugs me very hard it goes pink, And I would like to know why.

Mildred's lights are just a mess like the joke of a dirty egg. I've told her so too, but she says " Oh, shut up, you are dotty." But of course she is only in fun.

Still, Mildred does vex me sometimes, and I would love to smack her BTM. Whenever I've asked her what my lights are like, she says, " Don't talk silly, you haven't got any lights." But I know she's fibbing, because when I asked Janet one day, she said they were all colours like that lovely stuffed bird in papa's glass case.

(Author’s later note: It is needless to add that I did not know that Janet was merely humouring me.)

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The Boy who saw True

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