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Miss Salt and her lover



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The background to this entry is that the Boy saw an old gentleman in the aura of Miss Salt .  The image was probably a superimposition from her perceptions as from the description the image did nothing to interact with the Boy.  He then made the mistake of mentionning it to her ‘why have you got an old gentleman sitting next to you?’  This annoyed his mother but it intrigued Miss Salt who wanted to know more and she collars him the next day.

There is no healing in this observation but there is diagnosis.

A description of the experience

The Boy who saw True - May 26th

While I was watching Willlam, the nice gardener who says everything is rum, Miss Salt came by, and said she was just going to take a little walk to the sea, and would I like to come with her. So I had to say yes so as not to be rude. When we got to the seashore we sat down on the lovely hot sand, and she said, " Tell me, how did you know that about the old gentleman?"

So I said I could see his face in her lights. Then she asked me, what did I mean by her lights, which surprised me very much, because the old lady is not blind, and doesn't wear spectacles. So I said " Why, the colours round people, of course,"

Then she said. " What colours? I've never heard of that." So I reckoned this was very rum, and told her she must be short-sighted. But she said she wasn't, and I thought that so queer I said to myself, " Dear me, what is the matter with everybody?"

Then I said, " You were very poorly once, weren't you? And she said " Yes; how do you know that?" So I said, " I don't know, but I do know (somehow.) And I know that once upon a time you had a sweetheart you was going to marry, but he had to go somewhere first a very long way off, and he got hurt, and didn't come back again,"

And that seemed to make her jump, and she said, " I'll tell you what, little boy?" And I said, "Yes, Miss Salt?" And she said, " Upon my word, I believe you've got second sight." But as I didn't see what she meant she said that people had second sight what knew things without being told.

Then I said, “Excuse me, Miss Salt, - and I'd have liked to call her Miss Pepper for fun - " but I reckon you are wrong, cause there are a fine lot of things I don’t know, and have to ask papa or Miss Griffin. I had to ask her what is a circumcision and what it means to covet your neighbour’s ox or his ass, and a lot of other things out of scripture".

And that seemed to make Miss Salt laugh, and she said, " Oh I don't mean those sort of things, I mean things that have happened like me being so poorly”.  Then she took out of her satchel a funny old photograph, and said, " Do you know who that is?', So I said,'. Why that’s the old gentleman,' And she said, ‘Quite right.’

And after that she gave me sixpence to buy some lollipops, and thought we must be getting back now, as cousin Agnes might be wondering what had become of me. And that was the end of that.

The source of the experience

The Boy who saw True

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