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Motoyama, Dr Hiroshi – Chakras, auras and meridians



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


Remember that an hallucination in our definition is an overlaying of spiritual information over the physical image, made possible in the case of auras, by inter composer communication between people

A description of the experience

From Energetic Medicine: New Science of Healing by Aymen Fares,  July 26th, 2011 ·

…. at my Research Institute we measured many subjects, maybe about 100,000 so far (over 20 years), and fortunately we have been able to investigate many psychics, martial arts masters and yogis as well as students of our own disciplines, yoga exercises and meditation, and so-on. We have been able to detect the chakras, and also I have some ability to see the chakras and whether they are awakened in a person or not. So firstly I would clearly see with my ESP ability [psychic ability] which chakra is awakened.

If the chakra is awakened we can see the very bright colours of the aura and also feel much energy from this awakened chakra. Then we measured subjects with the AMI machine and have been able to determine if particular chakras are awakened, for example those who have the manipura chakra awakened have highly energized spleen, liver, stomach meridians. After analysing much data obtained from many kinds of psychics or ‘normal’ people, I found, on the basis of this data and on the basis of my own super-natural understanding of such people, that we could connect the specific meridians with each chakra and link this with traditional theories about the chakras. For example, a person with an awakened manipura chakra can control the emotions, and also the functioning of the digestive system. We learnt much about each meridian and chakra from working with yogis and could link this with our AMI data.

The source of the experience

Motoyama, Dr Hiroshi

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