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Seeing 'Jesus'



Type of Spiritual Experience


Number of hallucinations: 1


He had one spirit helper he calls ‘Jesus’ and who on subsequent communication he finds is not ‘Jesus’ but a spirit helper, who visits him a lot. 

Later note by the author of the bookAs far back as I can remember I …could see disembodied entities and the human aura, which I referred to as ‘the lights’.… I imagined it was a natural faculty which everyone possessed like the 5 senses.  That it might be a ‘sixth sense’, never occurred to me, and both my innocence with regard to it and the faculty itself were to land me in many difficulties, as the diary revealed. During my earliest years, whenever I mentioned having ‘seen things’, the matter was of course received with smiling indulgence on the part of my parents and ascribed to my childish imagination. But later on this attitude was replaced by something much more disconcerting.

A description of the experience

That night I saw Jesus again. He stood at the end of my bed and smiled at me. His lights were so lovely, all gold and pink and blue and green and yellow like the rainbow we saw through the window that time.  He looked as if he wanted to comfort me for the horrid day I had. He has the most sweet blue eyes and long brown hair, and he made me feel so happy. This is the third time I've seen him, but I wish he’d come oftener.

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The Boy who saw True

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