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Breakthrough to Creativity – Dr Shafica Karagulla

Diane "sees."

She can see the physical organs of the body and any pathology or disturbance in function. She has not studied medicine or physiology and often her descriptions are those one would expect of a layman. These descriptions are accurate and clear and easily translate into medical terms. Medical diagnosis has proved that Diane is correct and accurate in what she sees.

It is the other things that Diane "sees" which continue to fascinate me. She observes a "vital or energy body or field" which sub-stands the dense physical body, interpenetrating it like a sparkling web of light beams. This web of light frequencies is in constant movement and apparently looks somewhat like the lines of light on a television screen when a picture is not in focus.

This energy body extends in and through the dense physical body and for an inch or two beyond the body and is a replica of the physical body. She insists that any disturbance in the physical structure itself is preceded and later accompanied by disturbances in this energy body or field. Within this energy body, or pattern of frequencies she observes eight major vortices of force and many smaller vortices. As she describes it, energy moves in and out of these vortices, which look like spiral cones.

Seven of these major vortices are directly related to the different glands of the body. She describes them as also being related to any pathology in the physical body in their general area. The spiral cones of energy that make up these vortices may be fast or slow, rhythmical or jerky. She sometimes sees breaks in the energy pattem. Each major vortex as she describes it more minutely is made up of a number of lesser spiral cones of energy and each major vortex differs in the number of these spiral cones.

Five of these macro-vortices are located in a line along the spine. There is one at the base of the spine, one approximately midway between the pubic bone and the navel, one at the navel, one at the level of the midsternum near the heart area and one near the larynx or Adam's apple. There is another macro-vortex on the left side of the body in the area of the spleen and pancreas.

This one does not seem to be connected with the spinal pattern of vortices. There are two other macro-vortices, one approximately where the eyebrows meet and one at the top of the head. There is a ninth smaller vortex at the back of the head in the vicinity of the medulla oblongata.

Diane describes the energy vortex at the base of the spine as having a direct connection with the adrenal glands. According to her description it is made up of four smaller spiral cones of whirling energy with the sharp points of the cones fitting into a center point. If there is any disturbance in this central point or core, then she looks for some pathology in the area. Breaks or disturbances in the spiral cone have to do with some function of the physical body in that area. If any of these major vortices show a dullness or irregularity or "leak" in this central point or core, she looks for some serious pathology in the physical body in the area. If the pattern of the cone of energy is out of rhythm or shows a "break or crack" she finds that it is related to a problem of function in the area.

Each of the major vortices which Diane observes has its own characteristic number of spiral cones of energy which form the total macro-vortex. In each case the major vortex as she observes it presents a mandalla pattern. In the early experiments with Diane I chose patients of my own with clearly  confirmed medical diagnoses. Then I asked Diane to observe the patient and describe in as complete detail as possible the total physical condition. Not even the name of the patient was given to her. She described the actual physical condition which turned out to be entirely accurate in all the cases. In addition she described the appearance of the energy body or field and the vortices of force.

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Gelder Kunz, Dora van

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