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Clark, Fay Marvin – Into the Light – The aura and diagnosing illness using its changes



Type of Spiritual Experience

Invisible input - healing

Number of hallucinations: 2


A description of the experience

Into the Light – Fay Marvin Clark

My wife saw every human being as surrounded by an egg-shaped aura about three feet in diameter at the breasts and curving downward to nothing at the feet, then curving upward from its widest point at the breasts to a point about twelve inches above the head. She also said that the size of the "egg" varied with different individuals of the same physical size. The egg was transparent, but considerably thicker and denser at the point near the physical body. On some people she seemed to see a separate aura that only projected a few inches from the physical body. This aura appeared to follow the contours of the body, except at the head area where it varied greatly. Sometimes it rose or projected itself outside of the egg-shaped aura.

On certain days and on certain individuals Adeline could see a "cloud" around the person that extended several feet out-side of the egg.

I do not have that range of extended sight. Although I do not see the egg shape, I do see auras around some people most of the time, yet on others I have never seen an aura.

I do not feel that it is important for one to see the aura, but it is important to learn to attune to and to learn to read the aura. I believe that the personality of an individual is within that egg-shaped auric field, not within the physical body.

I have enjoyed watching the movement and intensity of the aura as a person's thoughts changed. I usually do not see colours in a person's aura, but my wife, Adeline, could always tell if a person was telling an untruth by the colours olive drab and greenish yellow coming into the aura.

I was a member of the Society of Metaphysicians at Archers Court, England for almost ten years and took upon myself as a discipline to be able to give to the medical profession the ability to photograph the human aura so that it might be used for medical diagnosis.

I am sure an imbalance exists in the aura before it can be detected in the physical body, and I believe aura photography would be an invaluable tool as an aid in the treatment of psychological problems.

As early as 1948, I corresponded with the Eastman Kodak company about this possibility. While my correspondence from them was not too encouraging, one of their technicians was very helpful.

Over the years I exposed film, drew blank exposures, made changes, exposed more film, and made more changes and as a result of over three thousand exposures within a 20 year period I have obtained several fair photographic reproductions of the aura, somewhat as I saw it. I have used every type of film produced by Eastman Kodak and Polaroid. I have used every type of filter I could find, but I have not at the present time found any set of constants that would permit me to consistently photo graph the aura.

Is it possible that mind plays a part in the photographing of the aura?

The source of the experience

Clark, Fay Marvin

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