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Mrs Croft's cancer



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Another instance of diagnosis as opposed to healing, but interesting as it shows the connection between the crab - cancer - and the diagnosis of cancer - in effect the illness cancer looks like a crab to those with the gift to 'see'.

The unfortunate Mrs. Croft died about eighteen months later of cancer.


A description of the experience

The Boy who saw True - June 1st

Mamma's friend Mrs. Croft, who lives at Southport, called for us to-day in her carriage and pair and took us to luncheon at her grand house. She is very rich and keeps a waiter, though mamma told me that men who hand the things in a private house aren't called waiters but butlers instead. I asked mamma why we didn't have a butler, and she said they were too expensive.

Mrs. Croft has a face the colour of a suet pudding and talks very slowly, and drops her aitches, which I thought only common people did.

She has something sticking to her like a crab, which looked horrid and gave me the creeps. But I held my noise after the row I got into about Miss Salt, and I thought I'd better say nothing. Mrs. Croft has a lovely musical box which I was allowed to wind up after luncheon, and it played a lot of tunes.

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The Boy who saw True

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