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Mr Wilcox's carbuncle



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Again no healing, but diagnosis

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The Boy who saw True

Janet told Mildred, who told me, that [Mr Wilcox] had a carbuncle somewhere. I wonder why it is called that, because mother wears a brooch with a carbuncle which papa gave her at Christmas. I think Mr. Wilcox's carbuncle must be on where he sits down, because when I went to say how do you do to him before he got undressed, I saw a sort of black cloud in his lights just there. But I thought I'd better say nothing for fear he'd feel shy…… 

July 1st

I go and sit with Mr. Wilcox when he isn't too tired, and he reads out poetry to me in bed. I love poetry and would like to make up some myself when I'm older. But I don't like sad poetry about people dying, because it makes me want to cry; though I know they don't die really, else how should I see them as I often do…..Mr. Wilcox's  carbuncle is on his BTM, he told me himself as a great secret, so I was right.  He made a joke though, and said he couldn't sit down and he couldn't stand up and he couldn't lie on his back so he was in a fine fix and all. He said he'd like a few bumptious people to get a carbuncle on their bum, because that'd soon take ‘em down a peg or two, though I wasn't to tell anyone he'd said so. I love Mr. Wilcox better than all the clergymen we know; he’s so amiable and comes out with naughty things just now and then.

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The Boy who saw True

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