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Cayce, Edgar - Sees auras



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Two people so two sets of mechanisms

A description of the experience

Edgar Cayce – Joseph Millard

Edgar was walking back to the depot with [Layne] when they met a man tramping down the street, wrapped in a cloud of personal misery. He was a drab, dull, nondescript little man.

As they met, Edgar glanced at him and shuddered. "Ugh what a horrid combination of colours."

Layne threw a startled glance back, then stared at Edgar.

"What colours? I thought he was about as colourless as any man I've ever seen."

"Oh, I didn't mean his clothing," Edgar said. He made a gesture, circling his own face with a forefinger. "I meant the colours that shine out around him. They were a hideous, jarring combination of darks. Didn't you think so?"

Layne stopped short, his mouth open. "Let me get this right.  Are you speaking of his Aura?"

'Aura?" Edgar said blankly. "What is that?"

"Holy Moses," Layne said softly. 'An aura is a kind of radiance that mystics and clairvoyants claim they can see shining out around everybody. Do you mean to tell me you could actually see one around him?"

Edgar stared at him in complete bewilderment. "Do you mean other people don't see that glow from everyone? Why ….  I thought everybody saw that, just the way they see a man's ears or his hair."

The source of the experience

Cayce, Edgar

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