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Manning, Matthew - The Link - 15 Starting to see auras



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The Link – Matthew Manning

Approaching me one evening on the school campus was another boy whom I did not know; I was walking by myself and I think that I had drifted off almost to the state in which I was accustomed to carry out automatic writing. I was shocked out of this state by seeing to my surprise that the boy was encircled in a pear-shaped aura of colours that looked very much like coloured heat waves.

As soon as I came out of my "stupor" the colours vanished, and the boy walked past.

I discovered that I could switch myself "on" or "off" like an electric light-switch. If I switched myself "on" as though I was going to write, but without actually doing so, I could see auras surrounding people.

I cannot describe in words how I achieve this switching on and off.

Certain colours in an aura appeared to denote a particular trait in a person's character. My finding out what colours surrounded people that I knew well, I found that each colour was representative of a particular facet of their character. I distinguished six basic colours:  blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow. If someone had a pre-dominantly fiery or temperamental character, then the predominant colour in their aura was red. If they were also kind and generous, they might have this red bordered by blue or purple.

Very few people had all six colours. In most cases the bands of colour were limited to two or three, and in some rare cases four.

For some reason, unknown to myself, the clarity and intensity of these colours varies a great deal from one person to another. An interesting observation I have made is that the aura is particularly evident and clear when it surrounds anyone who has any degree of psychic gifts, especially if they are in the habit of using it.

Around those who are ill or have a major ailment, it is often weak, and I have noticed that a darker coloured shadow surrounds any area of the person's body that is diseased or affected by illness. If, for example, someone has a tumour, it will darken the aura around the area in which it is sited.

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Manning, Matthew

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