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Romano, Jacques - Healing hands



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The Jacques Romano story – Dr Berthold Eric Schwartz

I found I could do something others could not.  At twelve I discovered how I could hold my outstretched hands over children and quiet them.  I could even stop a baby crying.  Later I found I could relieve headaches in the same manner.

As a young man, I met a wise man who gave me an explanation for this strange ability.  He said that we all radiated from our bodies and he illustrated this by holding a handkerchief in his hands for a few seconds and then giving it to me.  It seemed as if there was a slight, cool breeze coming from the handkerchief.

I learned that the human body is surrounded by a mysterious envelope or radiation, a strong force that I have no name for.  Many people have commented on this through the years.

My wife Molly and our neighbours in the country, were often amazed how the plants and flowers I 'radiated' frequently grew many times larger than the other flowers I did not treat.

The only person who seriously studied this phenomenon was professor Otto Rahn of Cornell University.

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Romano, Jacques

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