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Salvinorin A - Caves and prickling



Type of Spiritual Experience


Number of hallucinations: 1


A large range of experiences here from the prickling of synaesthesia to the vision of the cave.  I think in the latter part of the experience he/she sees auras.

This is from EROWID


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Salvinorin A Journeys - Salvinorin A by Gwyllm

…………about 15 minutes into the experience and my thoughts become more focused. It seems very playful at this time, taunting and teasing me deeper into its web, yet for some odd reason the loss of self is not so pronounced. There is a strong twisting sensation to the right, accompanied by a prickly sensation through my system. I take off the blindfold as it seems to be sinking deeply into my skull, my skin is literally swimming in warmth except for my feet, which are taking on an arctic feeling. I become aware of my flesh as being an entity unto itself, conscious unto its own being, holding its own wisdoms and somatic dreams. Visions of beauty and sensation roll over it. Every cell seems to have an eye, peering out and at itself replicated into infinity. Undulating currents of desire wash over it and through it, a deep hunger for sensation and interplay.

Slowly, the cavern appears, but instead of going into it, it plays to my being as if it is an audience. Warm ambers, browns and traces of green predominate Faces appear and reappear, twisting into wondrous shapes that have sparkling eyes of red and gold that flick away in an instance.

Over great lengths of time, the self reasserts itself. Feelings are very relaxed, tensions are gone. No great insights, it was too rapid for that, but a truly unique experience. As quickly as it came on, it is slower to leave. After an hour, I move about, with haloes of color encrusting every object and space throughout the house. The experience rides on me, I feel it still coursing through out my being as I head off for sleep.

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