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Ossowiecki, Stefan - and the prophecy of the wise old Jew



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A World in a Grain of Sand - Mary Rose Barrington

….. when he was to undertake his work experience as a third year student, Ossowiecki asked about things of interest in the area, and was told about the local celebrity, the wise old Jew called Wróbel, who had spent his life in India studying esoteric sciences, and returned home to end his days.

According to Ossowiecki, "Wrobel lived in the suburbs in a small wooden house. By then the old man was bed-ridden-he was lying dressed in a black, monk-like robe. He had a beautiful Semitic face with a long gray beard. He saw immediately into my inner world and told me at once my name and the purpose of my visit.

He moved mentally to Moscow; and described in the smallest detail my whole life, pondering over its more interesting stages. He was the first to explain to me the meaning of the aura and told me that I am among those who at times can see it.

He also emphasized my supernatural abilities and foretold that my name will be well-known in later years. He spoke about my future and my past and I have to admit that so far everything has come true.

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Ossowiecki, Stefan

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