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Seeress of Prevorst, the - The Sun circles



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The Seeress of Prevorst – Dr John DeSalvo

Let’s now look at the most detailed description she has left us regarding her Sun Sphere. The most outer solid circle was the boundary between the physical and the spiritual world. Outside this circumference was the physical world and inside was the spiritual world. In the physical world, she felt the spirits of all individuals known to her, although not necessarily by name, and without being able to see their bodies. As an example, at one particular point she felt Dr. Kerner as a blue flame. He was perpetually moving and accompanied by his wife a little farther off.

Given that the outer ring of the circle was the demarcation line between the physical world and the spiritual world, when the person moved inside this circle, it represented the withdrawal of his spirit from the physical world toward the spiritual world. It was a movement toward the centre.

lnside this outer solid circle was a partial way line that is coloured blue in the original lithograph. It lies between the two outermost peripheral solid circles. This wavy circle signified the magnetic aura of the Seeress, which was actually a magnetic wall isolating her from the outer world.  It does not go the whole way around. She did not explain why and said that this magnetic aura could be produced by mesmerism.

The second complete ring was divided into 365 days (dots) and twelve months (segments), and from these issue the lines (radii) toward the centre of the circle. From this circle, the Seeress began to develop clairvoyance. All the events of her inner life for that year would be scored in the different compartments (months) into which the radii divide this ring. At the end of each month, a number is elaborated that represents the sum of the events for that year. From month to month it became larger, till it attained a maximum value, which had its total value in the number that was specific to the Seeress.

Next, the large space between this second ring and the next or third solid ring represented her spirit world, where she had her encounters with spirit beings invisible to us. They came to her out of this midregion, ……."

Next, the third solid ring was bordered by twelve bright spheres, one in each compartment for each of the twelve months. It is here that we first have the highest level of clairvoyance and clear-seeing. Each sphere contains numbers that are variable in each individual. It is also here that the clairvoyant now has the ability to diagnose, prescribe, and perhaps predict the immediate future.

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Seeress of Prevorst, the

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