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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Spiritual concepts

Signs of the Zodiac

The Zodiac does not represent a map of the sky and its constellations, nor does it represent some esoteric ancient divination system, it is a symbolic representation of the types of activity one can find in the Method used for the Great Work. 

Literally translated it means Zoe [life] and Diakos [wheel] – life’s wheel, but it might be better to think of it as a generic method.

 It is a set of activities that can apply at the level of a vast increment of evolution, a smaller change to the planet, to a nation, to a culture, to a business, to a tribe, to a person or even to one activity of a person.


In almost every land and age, the zodiac's characteristics are the same – a circular form, 12 subdivisions with their signs and their relationship with the 7 planets.  Egypt, Judea, Persia, India, Tibet, China, America, Greece and Northern Europe all knew zodiacal symbolism.

The existence of a truly systematic understanding of Zodiacal symbolism can be placed around 2,800 BC [2,750BC King Sargon of Agade].

Some relationships. 

  • Symbols – are used to describe metaphysical truths, concepts and ideas that have no physical existence because they are spiritual in nature
  • The types of activity in the Great Work – In order to evolve the universe, create and destroy it, maintain and evolve it, there are a number of types of task needed as well as actual tasks.  As we are part of this plan, we are involved in co-designing, co-leading, co-educating and communicating and so on.
  • Types of task and their symbols – the types of task have been given symbols and are then known as The Signs of the Zodiac.  There are 12 because there are 12 types of task.  The signs are free of anything astronomical, they are simply descriptions of what the type of task involves.  The Symbolic Names of the Signs is constant, however, any number of pictorial representations are possible for any one named sign.
  • Constellations  - are patterns of stars in the sky that have been chosen to map with the metaphysical Symbols.  So for example a Chariot is a symbol and a pattern of stars have been chosen to represent that symbol.  Once the mapping of pattern to symbol has been made, people have drawn any number of imaginative diagrams and pictures to help recognition. One unique pattern , one symbol, but multiple possible pictures
  • The ecliptic - - is the astronomical circle that tracks the Sun's annual interaction with the Earth.  This line appears to travel over a number of constellations.  If the ancients had identified 54 constellations on the ecliptic, all with names THERE ARE NOT 54 Signs of the Zodiac.   Because the Signs of the Zodiac are not constellations
  • Signs of Zodiac to constellation mapping - The Signs of the Zodiac have been mapped to some of the possible constellations.  The mapping has been based on the observations of the ancients who observed that the traits and characteristics of a person who had been an effective co-designer in the Great Work, appeared when a certain constellation appeared overhead.  Almost as if the gifts needed to complete the task were being showered down on the person at that time.   Constellation was then named with the Sign of the Zodiac name. 

Type of task


  • Salvador Dali- Aries
    Salvador Dali - Virgo
    ARIES - Business vision/strategy – this is the first stage in any very large project.  Objective setting, strategy and outline planning. 
  • VIRGO - Business re-engineering – this is when we analyse [Analysis] the existing functions or activities in our system and then try to invent a better logical way in which they might be undertaken.
  • Salvador Dali- Capricorn
    Salvador Dali- Cancer
    CAPRICORN Build – the system has to be designed and constructed.  The design may involve reusable parts.  Design here can be a combined one for the both the ‘hardware’ and the ‘software’ because the two may have to go together.  Although not shown, this stage involves a lot of unit testing. 

    CANCER Installation – here we put the system in place [Implement ] it  – it is ‘born’. 
  • Salvador Dali - Scorpio
    Salvador Dali - Libra
    SCORPIO Test to make sure the system works in situ.  Is fit for purpose. Here all sorts of test are carried out
    • stress testing  - will it work under very heavy loads
    • integration testing - will it work with other things
    • functional testing– does it do what it was supposed to do
    • support testing – do all the systems tat support it work
    • performance testing - does it meet the performance targets 
  • LIBRA – Operation, where Support and help is given as the system is used and all the background Maintenance work is undertaken [bug fixing etc]. 
Salvador Dali- Aquarius

  • Salvador Dali- Taurus
    AQUARIUS - The system in operation is also constantly Monitored using feedback from Perceptions as to how it is getting on 
  • TAURUS Procurement – this is an ongoing activity.  As the project proceeds there may be all sorts of things that need to be brought in from ‘outside’ to help the project and to build the system. 
  • PISCES Disposal – once the new system is implemented and you are happy it works OK, you have to gradually remove the old system, which means that you have to dispose of the things that aren’t  needed anymore. 
  • Salvador Dali - Gemini
    Salvador Dali - Pisces
    GEMINI – covers both education and marketing. The education and training can be of both the users of the system and the developers of the system.  Marketing simply means explaining and letting people know that the new system is on its way and something of what it will do.  The two are obviously closely related, the best form of marketing is education
  • LEO - Project management – the management of the whole project, the creation and adaptation of the actual plan, the selection of the resources needed, the allocation of resources to tasks, the monitoring of the resources – motivation, appraisal and admonishment of people.  It may also involve costing and budget management 
  • Salvador Dali - Sagittarius
    Salvador dali - Leo
    SAGITTARIUS - Systems integration – the integration of each ‘system’ into the whole to make sure the ‘big picture’ is obtained, and that there is reuse where reuse is possible.  This activity includes any integration of the changes needed



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