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Boar, giant, and celestial cow we count to the winter.
Hare, wolf and human pair represent the spring.
At rooster, stallion and corn-ear-woman is summer solstice.
Swallow, deer (stag) and archer are the frame of autumn.’

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T C Lethbridge – Painted Men
tattooing in ancient Europe appears to have taken the form of the clan animal or symbol.  Even some Greek clans were tattooed in this way. Some of the Highland clans were certainly totemic.  We have the Epidii (the horse people), the Orc people (the tribe of the boar), while Clan Chattan (the men of the Cat) remains to this day and gave its name to Caithness.


In search of the Picts – Elizabeth Sutherland

The horse appears only once on a stone in a graveyard at Inverurie, but appears many times on Class II stones bearing warriors or huntsmen.  The Epidii, the tribe named by Ptolemy, translates to the Horsefolk…. As a totem animal the horse was closely connected to Macha, the Irish horse goddess and warrior queen who had the gift of prophecy.  The phrase ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ is said to be connected to Macha….. those who have power over horses are Horse whisperers

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