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Gelder Kunz, Dora van - Sensing other's abilities



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Dora [called Diane in Shafica's research] was able to assess whether other people had the ability to heal or read minds or any other talents such as environmental influence


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Breakthrough to Creativity – Dr Shafica Karagulla

At this point I interrupted to ask Diane how she was able to point out abilities of this type. Another of Diane's amazing talents came to light. When she saw certain connections betrveen or among two or more of the macro-vortices of energy in the energy body, she knew that the individual had certain types of Higher Sense Perception. The particular type of HSP depended on the connections and the macro-vortices involved.

Through years of observation she had come to correlate these patterns with the particular types of abilities. She explained that it was very much like circuitry in electricity. Different types of connections indicated the type of ability or HSP to look for or expect.

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Gelder Kunz, Dora van

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