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Arthur, James D - 06 Experience



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This observations rather implies that the plant itself  - being the passport as it were to this world  - is the limiting factor.  The spirits of the plant are found at this level, as such this is where you end up and where you can explore. 

A description of the experience

Salvia Divinorum – J D Arthur

One bowl Oaxacan:

Went all the way in and was totally absorbed by the other world and its inhabitants.  Sitting here now, l'm still amazed at the totality of my departure on one bowl. I felt completely disconnected with this world - totally immersed. I was very comfortable and felt very much at home there, relatively, anyway. There was a group of young men engendering feelings of some sort of familial brotherhood.

One of the brothers jokingly asked something to the effect of, "What am I supposed to do with him (meaning me), he isn’t dead?" This was a rhetorical question, and there seemed to be a good - natured feel to this. There were other people around, as well, but they were more of the nature of peripheral presences.

I had the definite feeling that this realm is above and beyond death - a feeling that the awareness that's characterised by this state doesn't die. Not unlike a Swedenborgjan "state."  [Swedenborg described heaven and eternity as being essentially outside of time, being a perception of degree or "state."]

I also felt, in the initial phase, that the cartoon characters (of my first experiences) are the people there, talking to us on some level of primitive emotional communication. That mode of communication is just unknown to us - a foreign emotional language.

There seemed to be quite a bit of talking this time.  Again, the language appears to be some sort of ‘native tongue’ but alien to our ordinary state.  On more than one occasion, I've gotten the impression that the language there is experientially more rapid than ours.  It seems also, to be a more "interior" (a Swedenborgian term) language.

The source of the experience

Arthur, James D

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Salvia divinorum