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Gracie takes DMT and sees the elves



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From Apparent Communication with Discarnate Entities - Induced by Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) - Peter Meyer SOURCE EROWID
Subject G (very experienced with DMT; Gracie [44], #5):

We each had taken 150 mg of pure MDA.... About hour 4, I decided to try smoking some DMT.... This time I saw the "elves" as multi-- dimensional creatures formed by strands of visible language; they were more creaturely than I had ever seen them before.... The elves were dancing in and out of the multidimensional visible language matrix, "waving" their "arms" and "limbs/hands/fingers?" and "smiling" or "laughing, " although I saw no faces as such. The elves were "telling" me (or I was understanding them to say) that I had seen them before, in early childhood. Memories were flooding back of seeing the elves: they looked just like they do now: evershifting,, folding, multidimensional, multicolored (what colors!), always laughing weaving/waving, showing me things, showing me the visible language they are created/creatures of, teaching me to speak and read.

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