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Ball, Dr Martin - Salvia divinorum realm



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Sage Spirit - Salvia Divinorum and the Entheogenic Experience – Dr Martin Ball

First let me say that the presence of the sage came this time in a multiplicity.  It was a profound experience of Many, and these many were in the Spirit world of the Sage itself.  It was as though the sage is its own spiritual dimension.  It is not necessarily the underlying reality – which I feel is often revealed by mushrooms – but rather it was its own personal realm of power.  It was the Sage dimension.  And this dimension was heavily populated by Spirit powers.  I find this very hard to describe.  It wasn’t as though I was seeing figures – I wasn’t.  For example, Mark had later asked ‘Were they people?’ and my answer was that, no they weren’t.

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Ball, Dr Martin

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Salvia divinorum