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Prototype-2 - I felt like a plant



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Erowid experience vaults – Salvia Divinorum by ‘Prototype-2’

Naturally, the imagination will search for metaphors and comparisons to accompany and explain what the body is experiencing. During the rest of my 10 minute escapade I was overcome with the feeling of being somewhat immobilized and non-human. In fact, I would say that I felt like some type of plant stalk. This led to impressions (but not visuals) of being in a field. I felt like something crossed between a corn stalk and a scarecrow. It seemed very primitive, like I was getting back to something which I had been long ago.

I was simply a plant-once-human, soaking up these impressions and pondering the limited life cycle of a plant. A sad but beautiful thing. More beautiful than sad, but that cornflower blue... it's such a melancholy color, sad and beautiful itself. After this, the effects slowly subsided and I felt a bit drained.

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Salvia divinorum