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Salvinorin A - Meeting the Donna Reed like spirit being



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Salvinorin A Journeys - Salvinorin A by Gwyllm source EROWID

 The 'psychedelic nature' of this substance is phenomenally different than any of the other hosts that I have tried. It is noisy like the lysergamides, but in a bantering, gabby way instead of issuing large, almost solemn, profundities. The beginning is almost always hilarious, shapes, noises, bells, whistles--a veritable 'toontown’ of characters jumping out of the woodwork. Very irreverent! Then it moves on of course, but not before the entity amuses itself at your expense.


The presence bears the most striking resemblance to Donna Reed or the archetypal 'American Mother' and a myriad of other female expressions of that era. In fact there is infinite variations on this theme occurring in a fractualizing frenzy. This manifestation is very loquacious, wagging her finger into my infinite faces and making cryptically rude remarks! This strikes me as very hilarious, my whole being lights up with laughter. This quickly dissipates into another cascade of cartoon-like thoughts and emerging patterns. There seems to be very little of the usual cavern/tunnel effect, more of a restless roving over fields of thought and consciousness.

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